'Do you want to save your current session'
ID: 557    Status: Active    Version:    Report Date: September 11, 2017    Product: MKVCleaver Installer


When I open a MKV file and do NOTHING on it, MKVCleaver still asks me ‘Do you want to save your current session?’.

I have no reason why this is so, but to me it is both illogical and annoying.

Could you make the saving of current session a menu action so that those of us who need it can still do so; but, not ask that question in a modal dialogue when nothing has changed.

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  1. Ilia Bakhmoutski


    As far as the logic goes, this dialog is useful in situations where a user closes MKVCleaver after adding a bunch of files. I found that adding the files again is a PITA and so I added the dialog.

    I do see how it can get annoying and so will be adding an ability to turn that dialog off in the menu.

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