Drag and Drop
ID: 543    Status: Submitted    Version:    Report Date: September 7, 2017    Product: MKVCleaver Installer


Drag and Drop doesn’t work for me anymore since update to 0702. Using 64bit under Windows 8.1. Using the button “Open MKV files…” worx fine.


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  1. Ilia Bakhmoutski

    I currently do not have any Windows 8.1 machines available. I can spin a VM up, but it would be way faster if you can test MKVCleaver in the safe mode to see it behaves the same way. And if you have another machine with 8.1 test on it as well.


  2. Ilia Bakhmoutski

    Also, have you tried all the versions ? Portable and Installer as well as 32 bit and 64 bit ?


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