VirusTotal Detection
ID: 569    Status: Rejected    Version: 0702    Report Date: January 7, 2018    Product: MKVCleaver Installer


January 7, 2018

VirusTotal Detection:
MKVCleaver_x64_v0702 (Portable).exe
VT: 3 / 67

VT: 2 / 59

MKVCleaver_x86_v0702 (Portable).exe
VT: 2 / 67

VT: 2 / 60

All good programs / software have 0 detection from VirusTotal (like all file from Microsoft for example).
Hope you will remove these threats in your next version.

  1. Ilia Bakhmoutski

    Hello Mr Gates,

    I can assure you that there are no threats in MKVCleaver. What you are seeing are false positives.

    Feel free to check the source code. You can also compile MKVCleaver from source and then compare the checksums.

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