What is it ?

MKVCleaver is a front end (GUI) for MKVExtract.exe (from MKVToolNix package by Moritz Bunkus) which extracts data from MKV files.

MKVExtract is a command line tool and is capable of extracting tracks, attachments, tags, subtitles and other information from an MKV file, but it can only work with one file at a time. And many times if you are dealing with TV shows they come as many separate MKV files.

So if you wanted to modify stream data (video, audio, subtitles) inside of an MKV file you would need to extract data first (could be a subtitle track to fix display issues, for example), adjust it and then mux it back together.

Now imagine doing this process one by one on dozens and sometimes hundreds of files ! Way too much time and work.

So that’s what MKVCleaver does: it allows you to automate the extraction process to the point where you can set it up and walk away then come back and work on the extracted files.

What can MKVCleaver do ?

  • Extract data from multiple MKV files with minimum effort form the user.

  • Enables the user to manipulate the extraction process on per file basis or as a whole.

  • Provides information about each file to allow the user to make the best decision about the extraction setup.

  • Provides a visual interface to MKVExtract.exe and allows to drag & drop files, manipulate extracted filenames based on a user’s criteria, session recovery after a crash or an error, changing of extraction options without messing around with the command line, extraction error tracking…

The future of MKVCleaver

The following new features are planned:

  • Workflow
    Workflow will allow the users to interact in more detail with the extraction process. Such as adding ability to execute commands before and after the extraction.

  • Mux File Creation
    Ability to generate MkvMerge option file automatically based on the source file information and extracted file names. Additionally, MkvMerge GUI settings file for use with MkvMerge GUI (if I’m able to find documentation for it).

  • Multi-threading
    This will allow MKVCleaver to extract multiple files at the same time.


The implementation timeline depends on my motivation and available free time. And the motivation largely depends on popularity of my app and the donations in the future.

That said, do not hesitate to report bugs or request new features. To do that just navigate to Bugs and Requests section.