How to run an AutoIt application from source.

  1. Download the source from here.
  2. Download and install AutoIt core files from here.
  3. Go to Start -> AutoIt v3 -> Run Script (x64) or Run Script (x86) depending on the version you want to run.
    Or right click on the script file and select Run Script (x64) or Run Script (x86).

You may also switch between architectures by opening the script with Scite editor and changing #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64= to either y (64 bit) or n (32 bit).

Note: All required files must be located in the same directory. Those files are:

  • MediaInfo.dll (must be the same architecture as the running script.)
  • Sqlite3.dll for 32 bit or Sqlite3_x64.dll for 64 bit version.
  • mediainfo_params.sqlite (optional). Only needed for working with Parameters.
  • LogRotate.exe (optional). Only needed for trimming the log table in the database.
  • avc2avi.exe and tc2cfr.exe (Optional). Only needed if converting from vfr to cfr.
  • MKVCleaver_Help.chm (Optional Help File).