* WIN 7 Taskbar Icon progress bar added
* Added progress bars inside GUI
* Added session handler. MKVcleaver will restore last used files if it crashes
* Changed from command line to options file when using MkvToolNix
* Added XML2CellTimes converter utility
* Changed track numbering to start with 0 if track # < 10
* Added menu to choose between simple and XML chapters
* MKVcleaver will now remember all options set in the last sessions
* Relocated custom.ini, log and options files to %UserProfile%\MKVCleaver directory to avoid UAC problems
* MKVcleaver will now give an error about missing MkvToolNix instead of keeping Extract Tracks button greyed out
* MediaInfo updated to the latest version


* Fixed MKVcleaver 64-bit random crashes
* Max path depth limit is now gone
* GetCodecs tools wouldn’t always respond to controls
* MKVcleaver is now compatible with all versions of MkvToolNix up to v 5.8.0
* Some source optimization
* Code optimization
* Other minor fixes…