* Added user editable custom placeholders for file names.
* Added option to disable save session dialog.
* Compliant with MKVToolNix v17 and above.
* Mkvmerge.exe output is now redirected to a file instead of stdout. Should fix issues with non English locales.
* Added non ASCII character conversion when working with command line tools such as avc2avi.exe.
* Added .h265 extension.
* Added ability to edit how files and tracks are displayed in the left pane.
* Changed Select All shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+A.
* Added ability to cancel file import.
* Added option to enable debugging.
* Moved File Info into a right click menu instead of double clicking.
* Split source code into multiple files.
* Removed auto restart on hang or crash.
* Removed AutoitObject.dll.


* Optimized update checking code.
* Optimized error messages and error detection.
* Optimized logging saving and display code.
* Optimized multiple instance detection code.
* Optimized custom placeholder verification code.
* Fixed database being left in an inconsistent state when MKVCleaver crashed.
* Fixed various GUI sizing and display issues.
* Fixed multiple “Variable is out of bounds” and “Variable is not declared” errors.
* Multiple minor bug fixes.

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