Compatibily with MKVToolNix 17.0.0
ID: 559    Status: Submitted    Version:    Report Date: October 19, 2017    Product: MKVCleaver Portable


Please update MKVcleaver code to support breaking changes from MKVToolNix 17.0.0.

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  1. Ilia Bakhmoutski


    This will delay the next release by a bit (or maybe I will just release a bug fix version to make it compatible since the old command line options still work) as I have to decide if I want to continue to support the old way for mkvtoolsnix.

  2. Jen

    MediaInfo 17.10 needs to be checked as well.

  3. Ern

    As this is still outstanding, which ever way it would be achieved, please make a compatibility to a current MKVToolNix 18.0.0 version. Thank you!

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